Just like our sturdy fiberglass entry doors we believe the door frame components should be a match in resilience. An exterior door jamb should be able to frame the door, hold its weight and withstand the trials of weather without sustaining damage. Made from durable materials using the latest technology Mennie creates exterior door frames which will last you for many years to come.

High Definition Laser Press Technology

First of its kind in the world!

A composite door jamb begins with a diligent and technologically advanced production process. The high definition laser press technology we use allows us to fabricate a more realistic wood grain on our door slabs compared to a traditional roller. We are proud to bring this one of a kind innovation to the exterior door frame industry.

Mennie never cuts cost. We strive to be an industry leader by offering materials of high quality and reasonable pricing rather than competing on price alone.

High Density Composite Frame

Our exterior door jambs differentiate themselves from other door frame components with a 40% greater density than our competitors can offer. This is achieved with hot-press moulding, which gives additional strength, dimensional stability and better interface bonding to the composite door jamb. The durability of our door frame components are unrivalled on the market.

U-Shape Reinforcement Carbon Fibre

A U-shaped carbon fibre reinforcement within the exterior door jamb adds to the structural rigidity of the door frame components, ensuring it won’t bend under temperature changes.

With Mennie’s innovative technology and reinforcement, warping and difficulties with installation is a thing of the past.

We take pride in offering you a Canadian product that withstands the Canadian climate.

Composite Frame Components

Jamb WG 7-1/4"

Jamb WG 7-1/4" Reinforcement

Jamb WG 6-9/16"

Jamb WG 6-9/16" Reinforcement

Jamb WG 4-9/16" Reinforcement

Jamb SM 7-1/4" Reinforcement

Jamb SM 7-1/4"

Jamb SM 6-9/16" Reinforcement

Jamb SM 6-9/16"

Jamb SM 4-9/16"

Jamb SM 4-9/16" Reinforcement

Jamb extension WG 6-9/16"

Jamb extension WG 4-9/16"

Jamb extension SM 6-9/16"

Jamb extension SM 4-9/16"

Glazing sidelite bead SM

Glazing sidelite bead WG

Glass bead stop WG

Glass bead stop SM

Astragal SM

Astragal WG

2 inch WSDL WG

2 inch WSDL SM

2 inch burlap SM

2 inch brickmould WG

2 inch brickmould flat back SM

2 inch brickmould SM

1.25 WSDL WG

1.25 burlap SM

1.25 WSDL SM

1.25 burlap WG

1 inch WSDL western WG

1 inch WSDL western SM