Composite Door Jambs

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High Definition Laser Press Technology

First of its kind in the world!

Mennie uses a high de nition laser press technol- ogy rather than the traditional roller to press the woodgrain onto the jamb surface, giving you an au- thentic wood nish look.

Mennie never cuts cost. We strive to be an indus- try leader by offering materials of high quality and reasonable pricing rather than competing on price alone.

High Density Composite Frame

Mennie composite jambs have over 40% more density over the rest of competitors on the market- place. The unique process of producing composite components through hot-press moulding exhibits excellent dimensional stability, improved interfacial bonding and strength properties.

In other words, Mennie has created the most durable composite components available on the market now.

U-Shape Reinforcement Aluminum

Our new U-shaped aluminum reinforcement is em- bedded into the composite door jamb to strengthen the structure and decrease any ex in the material that may be caused by uctuating temperatures.

With Mennie’s innovative technology and reinforce- ment, warping and difficulties with installation is a thing of the past.

We take pride in offering you a Canadian product that withstands the Canadian climate.